Action Spectacular Closing (Theater and Galleries) The Short List (Theater)

When: Saturdays. Continues through Feb. 13 2010

I’m still waiting on Idris Goodwin. Going back over my reviews of his plays—across seven years—I find I’m pretty much always saying the same thing: cool idea, tantalizing execution, not there yet. Same with this short two-hander in which Jonathan Putnam plays Porter, a B-level but fanatically dedicated movie stunt coordinator, and Mark Handley plays his partner Blake. As the piece begins, we know that Blake’s had a serious accident in the line of duty; he seems out of it in conversation, yet every time Porter initiates a fight sequence, Blake performs flawlessly, as if the moves were somehow encoded in his DNA. What exactly happened to Blake, and what does Porter have to do with it? Goodwin looks into these questions, offering a Twilight Zone-esque punch-line answer. But there’s so much room for development. In the meantime, Putnam and Handley offer amusing, endearing performances. —Tony Adler

Price: $12 in advance online, $15 or pay what you can at the door


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