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Activist Videos by Lina Hoshino

The two videos on this program that were available for preview are less activist than whiny. In the half-hour Caught in Between (2004) Hoshino parallels the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II with post-September 11 discrimination against American Muslims. The news that Muslims and Japanese-Americans are working together to defend civil rights is encouraging. But Hoshino's account is anecdotal, and she spends too much time on the internment of Japanese-Americans, including one of her grandparents—a story that's been told better elsewhere. In Hideko the artist gripes in voice-over about the problems her Japanese mother had living in Taiwan after the war, because it didn't welcome citizens of the country that had colonized it. Four other works will also be screened; Hoshino will attend. 65 min.

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