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Ad Hoc Alliance of Idiots and Cowards


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Ad Hoc Alliance of Idiots and Cowards

Dear Reader;

"Man bites dog" is news precisely because "dog bites man" is not news. In exactly the same way, "ad hoc alliance of idiots and cowards tramples common sense" is not news. So your story of the Loyola University administration falling all over itself to cater to their hysterical, semiliterate rent-a-cops is not news [April 16].

It would have been news if anyone in "authority" had taken the time to find out whether the complaint was actually founded. It would have been headline news if a suit had had the courage and decency to tell the complainers "grow up, or at least learn to read."

(Interestingly, when I began to read the piece, the first thing which came to my mind was Dick Gregory's autobiography, which he titled Nigger for his mother, "so if you ever hear that word again, you'll know they're advertising my book." I'm on his side.)

Neil Rest

W. Birchwood

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