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Added Lessons

Chicago filmmaker Tom Palazzolo's sequel to his semiautobiographical Caligari's Cure, featuring Chicago performance artists Carmella Rago, Jim Grigsby, Lynn Book, Michael K. Meyers, Ellen Fisher, Jack Helbig, Kapra Fleming, and Liam Hayes. I haven't seen its predecessor, but this free-form fan-Les vampires, Un chien andalou, and The Blue Angel are scattered through this picaresque free-for-all (along with confetti, a painted lunch pail, and a bird cage, among other significant images), but the loosely satirical SF framework promises more than it delivers, and Palazzolo's deft cutting and sense of visual extravagance rarely matches his dialogue or his direction of actors. On the same program, Hey Girls, a ten-minute short by Palazzolo and Heather McAdams described as a live-action comic strip.

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