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I was very interested in your waste-disposal article a couple of weeks ago ["The Awful Truth about Recycling in Chicago," July 21] and had a quick question. Could you think of an organization or Web site where I could verify that my condo's recycling/waste-disposal program actually does what it says it does? A sort of waste-disposal company report card--does something like that exist? Thanks for your help, and again, great article.

Damon Ranieri

N. Spaulding

Mick Dumke replies:

I don't know of a report-card system for waste haulers and recyclers, though it would certainly be helpful. I'd recommend asking your building manager what company's picking up the recyclable materials and asking the waste hauler where they're being taken for sorting and where they end up. If the answers are vague, you might want to check out the Chicago Recycling Coalition's Web site (, which has a detailed explanation of how to set up a program.

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