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Afrika Bambaataa, Intel, Maker, Trew, Shred One Soundboard

When: Wed., Jan. 26, 10 p.m. 2011

Canceled due to illness.

AFRIKA BAMBAATAA Hip-hop is old enough that its history is taught at major universities, and a National Museum of Hip-Hop is in the works in New York. It's also young enough that you can still see one of its founding fathers in the flesh, spinning records like he did when he was honing his skills DJing at block parties in the 70s, back before he was a legend. Of course, Afrika Bambaataa has done a lot more than DJ. Any rapper who uses electronic sounds owes him a debt of gratitude for marrying hip-hop and synthesized funk with "Planet Rock," which has influenced everything from Miami bass to sissy bounce. The way Bambaataa reinvented the figure of the Zulu as a symbol of black power and pride has provided a blueprint for a generation of ambitious pop artists hoping to entwine their own images with the currents of sociopolitical progress. He was instrumental in spreading the gospel of the four elements of hip-hop—graffiti, break dancing, DJing, and rapping—and he's widely credited with adding the fifth element, knowledge. But DJing was where he made his name, and even in 2011 there's no doubt Bambaataa can still spin with the best of them. Maker, Intel, Trew, and Shred One open.

Leor Galil

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