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After the Rain

As proven by Olivier Assayas (Something in the Air), Bernardo Bertolucci (The Dreamers), and several hundred other European art film directors, there's no political upheaval so important that it can't be turned into a backdrop for the adolescent anger and desire of beautiful middle-class kids. This 2013 Brazilian drama takes place in 1984, as the nation prepares to choose its first president by direct democracy after 20 years of dictatorship, but writer-directors Cláudio Marques and Marília Guerreiro are more concerned with a high school student council election between an establishment candidate and their hero, a self-styled anarchist and rabble rouser. "It was because of people like you, who think disorder is freedom, that the military took over," the headmaster tells him, articulating an idea that the movie never pursues but that might have elevated it above the norm. In Portuguese with subtitles.



  • Marília Guerreiro
  • Cláudio Marques


  • Zeca Abreu
  • Talis Castro
  • Sophia Corral
  • Victor Corujeira
  • Pedro Maia
  • Aícha Marques
  • Ricardo Burgos
  • Paula Carneiro

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