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AIDS videos

This program of shorts dealing with the AIDS epidemic seems to prove Plato's assertion that death is the beginning of all philosophy. In the cautionary video Soft Smoke: AIDS in the Rural West (1999, 28 min.), Jennie Franks reveals how deeply AIDS has penetrated the backwaters of America, whose people still refuse to believe they could fall prey to this “city folks” illness. Filmed with skill and sensitivity by Franks and Dean Rolley, the video provides a glimpse into rural life that rarely makes it onto the local news. Jay Corcoran's Undetectable: The New Face of AIDS (25 min.) may look like a TV news segment with its flat, glossy camera work, but Corcoran explodes the media myth that drug cocktails arrest the development of AIDS, demonstrating that for every happy story there's another that ends in sorrow: in one a housewife who contracted HIV from her philandering husband weeps uncontrollably upon learning that her protease-inhibitor therapy has failed.


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