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Aldermen You Shoul Know


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Mayor Daley's favorite alderman: Burt Natarus (42nd Ward). Watch Daley light up when Natarus rises to speak. He loves this guy, thinks his shtick is hilarious. He also trusts Natarus to shepherd all the big downtown zoning deals through the council.

Mayor Daley's least favorite alderman: Ed Burke (14th). You'd think a couple of south-side Irish politicians would really get along, but Daley's still mad at Burke for running against him for state's attorney way back in 1980. Daley never drops a grudge.

Mayor Daley's second least favorite alderman: Joe Moore (49th). Daley never really trusted Moore because he came from the organization of Cook County Clerk David Orr, whom Daley always figured was against him. Now Moore's really irritating the mayor by introducing bills like the big-box minimum wage ordinance.

Alderman most likely to follow the mayor's orders: It's a close contest, but most would go with Danny Solis (25th). His Hispanic City Council allies tease him about standing whenever the mayor enters the room. His deference goes back to 1995, when Daley named him to fill the vacancy in the council when Ambrosio Medrano stepped down after pleading guilty to taking $31,000 in bribes from an undercover FBI mole.

Alderman most likely to defy Daley on an issue that really matters: We're still waiting.

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