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When: Sat., Jan. 31 2015

More and more, new underground emo bands are getting boxed into a suffocatingly small space defined by knotty, plaintive guitar patterns. Such a narrow view gives credence to the “so-called emo revival” genre tag slapped on the newest class of inductees—but it fails to depict the scope of the whole scene. Next to all of the stereotypical “twinkly” bands, Maryland’s Teen Suicide sounds like black metal. On the half-dozen singles, EPs, and albums the group released during its initial run from 2011 to 2012, Teen Suicide fudged with emo by adding ratty drumming, field recordings, and sheets of lo-fi noise. The band’s output, featuring half-sung acoustic ditties and shambolic hardcore power punches, mainlines catharsis and tips its hat to the best of emo’s three decades of existence. Teen Suicide reunited last year for the occasional show and a mini tour, and because front man Sam Ray has his hands full with other projects (notably Julia Brown and Ricky Eat Acid), the chance of new material is low . . . but not impossible. Earlier this month Boston label Topshelf released a 93-song sampler that includes “Pavement,” a previously unreleased song credited to Teen Suicide. In a Tumblr post the band claims it’s a hoax, but Topshelf cofounder Kevin Duquette says the song is real “to the absolute very best of my knowledge.” Whatever the case, I hope it points more people in the direction of Teen Suicide. —Leor Galil

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