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Somewhere between wacky and wack you'll find Alexis Gideon, formerly just Alexis. Better known as half of the local duo Princess, who specialize in a ridiculous collision of fucky hip-hop and skinny-butt dance music, he's putting out his first solo CD, Welcome Song, early next year on Sickroom, and it's like a pilled-up, discolored kiddie bedsheet at a thrift store: kinda cute but totally creepy. Zany porno synths--like the sound track to a splosh flick shot in a school cafeteria--zigzag through butter-churning twang (banjo? mouth harp? some other stereotypically rustic instrument?) while Gideon croons tenderly in a flat, nasal monotone or raps like a cartoon version of himself. The stuttery, hunt-and-peck beats seem designed to jar you, but the music somehow still scans as danceable thanks to its steady pulse and looping patterns. The album's exotic in a Golden Child kind of way--canned and unrealistic and sorta funny, but still a little otherworldly in spite of itself. And just when you think you might be acclimating to Gideon's autistic jams, he breaks into the most shit-ass metal-guitar solo imaginable. This is your last chance to see him before he moves to Los Angeles. Nat Baldwin, Extra Life, and Seductive Sprigs open. Thu 8/17, 9:30 PM, Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433, $8.

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