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When: Thu., Jan. 8, 9 p.m. 2009

If your solo project is worth pursuing, sooner or later it’s gonna threaten to outstrip your main gig, and Baby Teeth drummer Peter Andreadis may have reached that point with his one-man band, ALL CITY AFFAIRS. The music on the new Identity Theft (Lujo) tweaks Baby Teeth’s brainy pop, dialing down the smarminess and adding an undercurrent of hip-hop and R & B that co­exists somewhat uneasily with the yacht-rock vibe. Andreadis uses a fairly generic home-recording setup—keyboard, acoustic and electric guitar, drum machine—but instead of cranking out yet another Postal Service knockoff he throws in un­expected funkiness as a counterpoint to his relatively standard-issue singer-songwriter sentimentality. “One More Shot” is bolstered by a throbbing bass synth straight out of early electro, and “White People Clapping” has the same kind of dive-bombing tom fills that Young Jeezy’s been rapping over lately. Luckily these juxtapositions are only slightly tongue-in-cheek—Andreadis treats the hip-hop elements with respect, and as a result his music works on a level much deeper than “Hey, I bet it’d be funny if I wrote some really white-sounding songs and slapped B96 beats under them.” —Miles Raymer

Price: $7

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