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To the Editor,

Who is this Jon Corbett that gratuitously puts down Bob Thiele and Teresa Brewer [Rock Etc., "Battling the Jazzosaurus," August 26]? And, in part, David Murrary and Jodie Christian? Does he have any credentials? Or any sense? Or any charity? Or any . . . music? I wonder. Objection would be given, I suspect, by Gene Lees, Nat Hentoff, Leonard Feather, et al, who do have credentials! Also . . . thanks for Peter Margasak's review of Iris DeMent [Rock Etc., "A Real Woman," August 26]: Gonna try to hear her! Yeah! (Duke and Teresa: some kinda masterpiece!)

James Norvell

S. Halsted

PS: Thanks, also, in retrospect, for your five-star reviews of Metallica (1991) and the 1984 and 1985 albums of Ruben Blades. Real turn-ons for this old fogey.

Background: Funny the coincidence. Just this morning I made the connection that singer Johnny Hartman's album with John Coltrane (1963) and Teresa Brewer's album with David Murrary (1992) as well as Coltrane's album with Duke Ellington (1962) and Brewer's album with Ellington (1973) were all produced by Bob Thiele (her husband since 1972), and tonight I discover this in the Reader! I don't know Corbett's writing at all, but his mention of Brewer and Thiele struck me as gratuitous, extraneous to his main purpose, and mean-spirited! How think you?

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