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This French-Belgian feature (2009) pays tribute to the Italian giallo, a flashy horror genre of the 60s and 70s whose breast-and-blade fetish helped birth the American slasher film. Writer-directors Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani present three 30-minute segments that follow their female heroine from childhood to adolescence to adulthood; the first places the girl (Cassandra Foret) in an eerie old house with her grandfather's corpse and nicely encapsules the sex/death vibe that made the giallo tick, but the directors' mostly wordless narrative, with its endless close-ups, more than wears out its welcome in the last hour—it's the horror movie as sports-car commercial. The last segment concludes in classic giallo style, with the heroine (Marie Bos) being chased through the forest by a razor-wielding killer, and provides a suitable cherry to this dubious sundae.



  • Hélène Cattet
  • Bruno Forzani


  • Harry Cleven
  • Biancamaria D'amato
  • Bernard Marbaix
  • Jean-Michel Vovk
  • Marie Bos
  • Delphine Brual
  • Cassandra Forêt
  • Charlotte Guibeaud


  • Francois Cognard
  • Eve Commenge

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