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When: Sun., May 17, 8 p.m. 2015

British extreme-metal duo Anaal Nathrakh take their name from Merlin’s charm of making in the 1981 film Excalibur, an invented invocation whose language approximates Old Irish; its first line sounds like “Anaal Nathrakh” and translates to “serpent’s breath.” And a serpent’s breath is no gentle breeze—when I first wrote about the band in 2011, I compared their hybrid of black and industrial metal to the sound of a man being turned inside-out by a lawn mower. That said, I was describing their 2001 debut, The Codex Necro, and in the years since, multi-instrumentalist and programmer Irrumator (aka Mick Kenney) and vocalist V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (aka Dave Hunt) have covered a lot of ground: their eighth full-length, last fall’s Desideratum (Metal Blade), glows with diabolical grandeur and quivers with murderous histrionics. For a few albums now Hunt has made the occasional leap from strangled, sandblasting screams and clotted growls into soaring, full-throated singing that could almost fit in on a Queen record. Kenney’s merciless mechanical riffs, streaked with synthetic strings and choirs and burbling with warp-drive bursts of electronic noise, tap-dance and backflip through blackened melodies as mustache-twirlingly evil as Nintendo end-boss themes, cranked up to aneurysm-inducing speed and intensity. This stuff may make you feel like a pneumatic drill that’s suffering a psychotic episode, but it sure sounds like Anaal Nathrakh had fun writing it. For this rare full-band tour, Hunt and Kenney are joined by drummer Steve Powell (Detrimentum, Theoktony), guitarist James Walford (Vicious Bastard, Malevolent Creation) and bassist Duncan Wilkins (Mistress, Fukpig). —Philip Montoro

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