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Analyze That

This tepid sequel to Harold Ramis's mobster-on-the-couch comedy Analyze This (1999) is partially redeemed by Robert De Niro's handful of scenes with Cathy Moriarty-Gentile, who made her screen debut as the teenage wife in Raging Bull and shows up here as the ruthless head of a Mafia family. The shapeless and nonsensical story involves De Niro being released from prison to the custody of his shrink (Billy Crystal) and, among other things, hiring on as a consultant for a Sopranos-like TV series. There are a few killer lines and, again, the repulsive spectacle of De Niro bawling like a baby, yet most of this is tired ethnic shtick and testicle abuse, and Lisa Kudrow is criminally underutilized as the psychiatrist's acidic wife. Crystal has threatened to make this a trilogy, with the last film to be called Analyze the Other Thing; it'll probably stink, but if they can round up Joe Pesci, I'm there. 85 min.


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