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Like the great DOG and Cook County Theatre Department, Sprung Movement Theatre finds captivating ways to do almost nothing onstage. Unlike most movement-oriented troupes, they never indulge in overwrought, pretentious posturing. Instead they're subtle, hip clowns whose every tiny gesture communicates. And I, their new 50-minute piece, focuses on an unstable friendship between two men that begins when one of them lugs a heavy sack onstage, then jumps out of his skin when the other crawls out of it. Jon Sherman and Anthony Courser explore myriad male rituals for nonintimate intimacy--slapping each other on the back, arm wrestling, comparing muscles, sprawling on the sofa watching cable. And then a birdlike, vaguely menacing woman (Karen Foley) tries to wedge herself into the relationship. There may be a few too many digressions for the piece to feel like a satisfying whole, but Sprung still makes this deliberately empty evening engrossing and hilarious. Through 10/7: Sat 9:30 PM, Prop Thtr, 3502-4 N. Elston, 773-539-7838, $15.

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