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Andy Moor & DJ/Rupture, Hanne Hukkelberg, Lucky Dragons, Sharon Van Etten Recommended Soundboard Critics' Picks

When: Thu., Sept. 10, 9 p.m. 2009

New York’s DJ/RUPTURE owes a big part of his reputation to his skill at fitting the most unlikely music into seamless, steadily bumping mixes. His new album with Matt Shadetek, Solar Life Raft (due in November on the Agriculture label), is a sprawling session that threads a single rhythmic line through synth pop, dancehall, dubstep, and more, even making room for lengthy chunks of recordings by contemporary classical maverick Nico Muhly, musique concrete master Luc Ferrari, and Finish psych-folk oddballs Paavoharju. Rupture can also improvise, focusing less on dance-floor flow and more on responding to a partner—alongside DJ Olive, he’s one of the few DJs I’ve heard who can interact with a live musician without falling back on simply spinning beats. On Patches (Unsuitable), his superb collaborative disc with ANDY MOOR of the Ex—one of rock’s most versatile and rhythmically inventive guitarists—Rupture layers and processes bleepy, blobby tones, liquid melodic shards, speech fragments, and hammering beats, creating a series of peripatetic dialogues with Moor’s stuttering, alternately clattery and resonant riffs and patterns. Even when their output is at its most tangled and hard to digest, they always seem to be playing off and complementing each other, and the listener always has lots to latch onto.

On the recent Blood From a Stone (Nettwerk), quirky Norwegian singer HANNE HUKKELBERG ditches the carnivalesque cabaret of her earlier recordings and replaces her quiet coo with much more forceful pop vocals, which sometimes even get a bit strident. The music is more aggressive and guitar heavy, full of toothy licks and coloristic noise, but Hukkelberg’s melodies are still eccentric and ingratiating, meandering according to a logic of their own. And where her old albums used a veritable flea market’s worth of instruments, here she pares down somewhat—but still makes room for a musical saw, clogs, a bicycle wheel, and beats played on what the liner notes call “oven and freezer percussion” and “table percussion.” Her terrific band, both on Blood From a Stone and on this tour, includes Huntsville guitarist Ivar Grydeland.

This show is part of Adventures in Modern Music. Moor and DJ/Rupture headline; Hukkelberg, the Lucky Dragons, and Sharon Van Etten open. —Peter Margasak

Price: $15 ($50 five-day pass)

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