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Ripped from Sicilian headlines, this 2002 feature by Roberta Torre recalls the verite-style improvisations of John Cassavetes, and Donatella Finocchiaro brings a smoldering earthiness to her role as the young wife of a Palermo drug dealer. Marginalized by her husband and his Mafia associates, who allow her to cut cocaine and make drops but exclude her from business talk, she's a tenacious beauty, as flashy and resilient as her lacquered nails but not tough enough to resist the sexual advances of a predatory colleague. Andrea Guerra's music underscores the ache of betrayal, and Daniele Cipri's cinematography is frequently ingenious: in one point-of-view shot the husband, his pupils dilated after an eye exam, is literally blindsided by love. In Italian with subtitles. 87 min.


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