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Animal Collective, Dan Deacon All Ages Early Warnings (Music) Sold Out (Music) Soundboard

When: Sat., March 16, 7:30 p.m. 2013


Animal Collective’s latest album, last year’s Centipede Hz (Domino), is like one of the complicated old-timey industrial machines you used to see in cartoon factories: a copper whistle jutting from its side blows its top spewing steam, accordion-shaped whatsits stretch and rebound with physics-defying vigor, levers fly up and down, the needles of glass-faced pressure dials jitter in the red, and the whole massive metal contraption bounces and bends like it’s made of rubber. The songs sometimes feel overwhelmingly dense, with pileups of rattling percussion, carousel synths, prolonged reedy discordances, something that might be warped field recordings played in reverse, and Avey Tare’s sometimes playful, sometimes snarling vocals—but the far-flung Baltimore-based foursome can transform the most tangled mass of sound into ecstatic, uplifting pop. Even when the tunes have obvious hooks, Anco keeps things strange: Centipede Hz opener “Moonjock” uses brooding, demented Beach Boys-style vocal harmonies and a raw industrial stomp that morphs into what might be a full marching band. —Leor Galil Dan Deacon opens.

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