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Anywhere USA

This 2008 feature was shot in Asheville, North Carolina, but writer-director Chusy Haney-Jardine digitally blurs any specific place-names, and his three loosely linked stories cast a peculiar spell precisely because their settings seem generic even as their barbed satire feels homegrown. The first story is a wicked trailer-trash comedy in which a woman steps out on her hick boyfriend with a Middle Eastern man she's met online and the boyfriend, counseled by his obnoxious dwarf pal, tries to save her from what he's convinced must be a jihadist plot. The last story is a heavy-handed spoof of WASP provincialism in which a complacent family man resolves to recruit some black friends for himself. Most impressive is the middle story, about a girl whose gnawing questions about the tooth fairy are inextricably linked to her doubts about the heaven where her dead parents supposedly reside. Geunine in its emotion but still quite funny, it marks Haney-Jardine as a writer with more on his mind than simple mockery. 124 min.


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