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When: Wednesdays-Sundays. Continues through Dec. 18 2016

Talk about your sweet nothings! Written by Jeff Daniels (best known lately for his turn as TV news anchor Will McAvoy on HBO's The Newsroom), this romantic comedy wouldn't amount to much even if director Ron OJ Parson could make it work. As things stand, though, it's a silly absence with a spooky twist, about a woman named Annie who's been rubbed raw by a bad breakup and a frustrating job as director of fund-raising for a public-television channel. Of course, love is standing right in front of her in the form of coworker Elliot—but the question of whether she'll see it is secondary here. The real mystery is why Elliot doesn't give up after the millionth indication that she's not just wrong for him but downright nasty. Parson doesn't seem to believe in the situation anymore than I do, since he gives up on any semblance of verisimilitude: one scene finds the couple shouting across a restaurant in a way that nobody ever shouts across restaurants. It's a waste inasmuch as Eleni Pappageorge (Annie) and José "Tony" Garcia (Elliot) can definitely do charm. —Tony Adler

Price: $25-$55


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