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Apoplectic Trauma

The longest of these nine films, I'm Bobby (32 min.), is a wildly postmodern parody of Raj Kapoor's 1973 Bobby, about two lovers whose parents try to keep them apart. Xav Leplae, a Milwaukee filmmaker, casts very young children as adults and teenagers, interweaving cutout animation of the characters and dubbing in the vocals for the musical numbers; the film was shot in 35-millimeter, but its fakery purposely illuminates the theatricality of Bollywood cinema. Also noteworthy are several experimental 16-millimeter films: the waterfall in Robert Todd's Trauma Victim (2002) has the power of thunder; the abstracted images of a falling cat in Devon Demonte's Catcycle avoid the customary cuteness of cat imagery; and the stylish celebration of farting and pooping in Yuri A's U (2002) recalls the nonjudgmental playfulness of children as young as its star. 74 min.

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