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Argo Bakery

Hours: Breakfast, lunch, dinner: seven days

Price: $

Georgian bakery that makes incredibly flavorful bread and lots of other specialties.

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The Georgian breads here are baked in a large brick dome called a toné, and the dough is stuck directly to the inner walls of the oven, as with Indian naan. The result—which comes in a large round or a smaller torpedo-shaped loaf—is soft, chewy, and incredibly flavorful. Other specialties include hachapuri, bread filled with mushrooms or a gooey combination of feta, mozzarella, and farmer cheese; lobiani, bread stuffed with cilantro-and-anise-spiced beans; and tapluna, a baklava with honey and walnuts. The turnover is so high that you stand a good chance of buying something hot out of the oven.

Laura Levy Shatkin

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