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Armitage Shrimp House

Hours: Lunch, Dinner: Monday-Saturday
Open Late: Friday & Saturday till 1
Closed Sunday

Price: $

CLOSED. Logan Square shrimp shop offering carry-out and delivery; fried frog legs are also available.

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My faint hope was that the owner of this tiny shack had discovered a secret source of freshwater shrimp thriving in the Humboldt Park lagoon and was hauling them in fresh each morning. I'll keep dreaming. But the crustaceans, fish, shellfish, and frog legs are defrosted fresh each morning. Is it too much to expect that a humble, prairie-locked shrimp shack land a fresh catch and sell it at working-stiff's prices? Yeah, I guess it is. Still, at ASH the de-cryoed critters aren't treated kindly. They're overbattered in a tasteless, unseasoned glop that smothers any taste of the sea and requires a heavy, medicinal dose of heat or cocktail sauce to get it down. If for some reason you find the call of the sea in Logan Square irresistible, at least the jumbo shrimp keep a faint memory of sweetness under their battered armor. The rest is just shark bait.

Mike Sula

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