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Hours: Breakfast, lunch, dinner: seven days

Price: $

Lakeview coffeehouse offering fresh, small-batch-roasted manual-drip coffee as well as espresso and its variants.

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For each order of drip coffee, Kevin Ashtari grinds half a cup of beans somewhere between fine and coarse. He then wets an unbleached, conical Melitta filter, to wash away any potential paper taste that could pollute the coffee. He inserts the filter into a porcelain dripper, set on a rack above a cup, then pours in the coffee and a dollop of hot water, just under the boiling point. Grounds bloom up in the filter and he stirs, slowly adding more water, still stirring and scraping the grounds down from the side of the filter. In about two minutes he's made a bright, full-bodied, perfect cup of coffee, without a trace of bitterness. That, and that only, is the secret to his success. There's no food, no frills—"It's all about that cup for us," he says.

Mike Sula

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