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Audiovisions: New Videos & Music From Austria

These 11 recent works have almost nothing to do with mainstream music videos and their heavily produced songs and lush pictures; instead they hark back to the earliest attempts of abstract and other avant-garde filmmakers to synchronize sound and image in the 1920s and '30s, forging complex and thought-provoking relationships between them. In Skot's Aus (1998) a minimal sound track underlies images (suspension bridges, a beach scene) that repeat in an ever-shifting flow, encouraging the mind to make new connections. The sound in Michaela Grill's O.T. (1999) is even sparser—a few pops and bells, some static—adding just the right ambience to the black-and-white patterns that rush by in different directions as the camera pans over a concrete wall. Especially strong is Notdef./version one (1999) by maia./notdef, in which a pulsing, heartlike beat vies for control with heterogeneous abstract imagery, from lines to colored fields, the tension between them energizing both sound and image. And Ben Pointeker's Overfart (1999) is surprisingly successful at capturing the lively power of painter Caspar David Friedrich with its gliding mists and tall, ghostly ships. Also showing: videos by Dariusz Kreczek, J├╝rgen Moritz, [N:ja], ReMI, Tinhoko, and program curator Norbert Pfaffenbichler. 64 min.

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