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B Movie

Writer-producer-director Philip Dolin picked a title that grossly exaggerates the fun quotient of his 2004 feature debut; as a send-up of cheesy low-budget 50s and 60s indies, this is barely even a C movie. Two river-patrol captains get lost in the woods, where they encounter a mysterious scientist, Professor Friend (James Urbaniak), and two buxom members of his compound who waste no time cozying up to the guys. The cast gets the joke (not too hard, since there's only one), as evidenced by their mannered speech and gestures, which faithfully recall lower-tier actors in old sci-fi and drive-in flicks. But the writing's so feeble that when Friend's secret is at last revealed you'd need a magnifying glass to detect the comic payoff. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Larry Blamire's 2001 tongue-in-cheek homage, covered similar turf to better effect. 74 min.


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