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Baby Killers in Hell



To the editors:

Matt Groening's "cartoon" [June 9] is a caricature of traditional Catholic teaching. His pro-choice position displays an ignorance of Catholic moral teachings.

If a woman who elects for an abortion feels she is doing the right thing, then she has not violated her conscience. If, however, she goes ahead with it thinking it wrong, and is unrepentant before she dies, then she must face God's judgment.

Bishop Sheen (probably unknown to most of your readers) once said that sex, in its right place, is beautiful; that dirt belongs outside, not inside the home.

One can argue interminably about values and their meaning for people. If one believes, as I do, that there is a universal moral law, then it is incumbent upon that person to state his or her position.

Dante, in his Inferno, said that the innermost circle of Hell was reserved for those who took no position. Jesus said "the truth shall make you free." By taking a position on abortion, I am trying to make misguided people free.

Tom Mitchell

N. Marshfield

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