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When: Sat., Aug. 1, 10 p.m. 2009

This is a release party for Hustle Beach (Lujo), Baby Teeth’s third full-length, and these local boys throw down the gauntlet with the opening track—“Big Schools,” an unabashedly straight-faced first-person story told by a guy who meets his future wife at a frat party and goes on to “live the dream,” has already given a Pitchfork reviewer an attack of the vapors over liking something he’s not supposed to. I consider discomfiting Pitchfork reviewers to be a public service, but Baby Teeth have never been a band with a mission, unless that mission is pop—they’re still the Chicago outfit most likely to return you to that glorious feeling you had when you first heard ELO, back in the days of your innocence when they were a guiltless pleasure. I hope they get rich enough someday to afford the disco-era light show they clearly need. Hustle Beach is an outgrowth of 52 Teeth, a blog project of front man Abraham Levitan (he posted a song every week for a year), and while it could be said of that experiment that Levitan’s commentary was often more interesting than the songs, the album is downright fascinating, saturated with a heady blend of gleeful triumph and existential nausea that’s much more powerful than the sum of its parts. Brilliant Pebbles and Sonoi open. —Monica Kendrick

Price: $10

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