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When: Fri., Nov. 11, 10 p.m. 2011

Like many of today's young producers, Alec Koone (aka Balam Acab) inhabits the sonic space that Burial first described with the 2007 album Untrue—a cavernous expanse sparsely populated by identifiable instruments (piano, sub-bass synth) and found sounds (keys jingling, what might be plastic wrap crinkling). But while most of his contemporaries are content to stick to ambient texture mapping, the most obvious and least interesting way to apply these techniques, Koone has had the smart idea to bring them to bear on pop music. The overall mood of his recent Wander Wonder (Tri Angle) is best described as "dark," but that's in terms of luminescence, not emotional tone. Given Koone's preoccupation with cathedral-­esque reverb and liquidlike samples and synth patches, his music frequently gives the strangely soothing impression that you're listening to a radio tuned to a pop-R&B station that's being pumped into an isolation tank from a secluded location with the help of a very long metal tube. Maybe even better are his unauthorized remixes of indie lightning rod Lana Del Rey and 90s one-hit wonders Ghost Town. —Miles Raymer Memoryhouse and Supreme Cuts open.

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