Bash on Wabash: ? & the Mysterians, White Mystery, Dastardly, Congregation, Mathien, and others Recommended Soundboard

When: Sun., Sept. 18, 12 p.m. 2011

Everyone should know by now that ? & the Mysterians are much more than just the world's longest-lived one-hit wonders—though that hit, "96 Tears," has aged just as well as the band. These Michigan garage-rock badasses with the famous Farfisa-that-isn't (conventional wisdom notwithstanding, it's probably a Vox Continental playing that famous riff) experienced a renewal of life and purpose a decade or so ago, when the indie audience discovered that their live show is pretty much guaranteed to include at least a few minutes of the Mysterians being, right then and there, at that moment, the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world—at least when ?, aka Rudy Martinez, plays with guys from the band's late-60s heyday, rather than with ringers. (Eddie Serrato, the drummer on "96 Tears," died in February, but his health problems meant that original drummer Robert Martinez has been part of the reunion lineup all along.) In 2007 a fire destroyed ?'s home and killed his beloved Yorkies—he's had a dog-breeding business for years—but that tragedy only seems to be driving him harder. Clips from Terry Murphy's documentary-in-progress Are You For Real? show ? (who claims to be millions of years old and from another planet) in fine form and very friendly with fans, as radiant an eccentric genius as you're ever likely to meet. —Monica Kendrick This show is part of the Bash on Wabash. 9 PM (music starts at noon), Reggie's Road Block Stage

Price: $5 suggested donation.

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