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Baths, Braids, Houses Early Warnings (Music) Soundboard

When: Sat., Feb. 26, 9:30 p.m. 2011

For a moment it seemed like Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld, was going to be a flash in the pan purely because of bad timing. Like every other kid sired in the 80s who makes music on a laptop, Wiesenfeld got called "chillwave." And by the time Baths' debut album, Cerulean (Anticon), hit the streets in July, the bloom was off that rose—a year in the real world is at least a decade in Internet time, and chillwave hadn't aged well. But Cerulean set Wiesenfeld apart from the nostalgia-addled bedroom-pop pack with its unexpected twists and turns: his dense, stimulating sound includes complex piano melodies, jagged rhythms, skittish laptop funk, and avant-garde hip-hop. His haunting vocals—which waver between a soothing coo and an overwrought croon—tie the package up with a pretty bow. Wiesenfeld sometimes coats his tunes in layers of distortion, an approach he has in common with many laid-back indie-leaning electronic artists, but as a whole Cerulean is far more engrossing than it is "chill." 17+. —Leor Galil

Price: $10

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