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Beat the Devil

The birthplace of camp, with John Huston parodying the kind of material that made him a star director (The Maltese Falcon) and Truman Capote providing a ragged, day-by-day screenplay that left the actors stranded (and in Humphrey Bogart's case, visibly annoyed). The film ranges from the diffident to the grotesque, with Huston selecting his lenses to make the performers look as freakish as possible (a style he returned to in Wise Blood). Released as a straight thriller in 1953, it baffled audiences everywhere, ending Huston's long relationship with Bogart (who put up the money); reissued with a jokey ad campaign, it became a cult item in some circles, though Huston has since been bettered in this game by John Waters, among others. With Gina Lollobrigida, Jennifer Jones, and Robert Morley.


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