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When: Sat., Aug. 29 2015

Bell Hop is a new stand-up showcase from the mind of Ian Abramson. Like most things in which the experimental comedian is involved, there are more than a few twists. Abramson's ongoing Seven Minutes in Purgatory, for instance, forces a comic to do a set in a remote location without the benefit of audience interaction; the crowd watches the performer squirm via live feed. The premise of Abramson's latest show isn't so clear, but he says audiences should keep in mind that anything can and will happen. A Bell Hop performance earlier this month ended with Abramson's arrest (or at least that's what the audience was led to believe). "Right after having a full-grown man come on stage inside of a pinata he was creating throughout the show, there was a knock on the side door to the room," Abramson says. "We asked who was there, and they said, 'Police.' We said, 'Police who?' and they said, 'Puh-lease let us in!' We laughed for a second, but then the cops burst in, arresting me, and beating the candy out of our human pinata. It got a little out of control, but we had a good time." Abramson plays host to an embarrassment of comic talent, including Adam Burke, Charlie Bury, Marty DeRosa, Tim Lyons, Rebecca O'Neal, and Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich (in town during the show's hiatus). "If you come to Bell Hop, it's likely to get bizarre, but we stray away from getting uncomfortable," Abramson says. "You know, we don't plan for crazy things to happen, we try to just have a regular old show, but it seems that we can't go ten minutes without it going off the rails." —Brianna Wellen

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