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When: Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through Aug. 25 2013

You think you know your significant other, don't you? Well, hah! I say. There's a reason we call them "other." Everybody's got secrets, and some are whoppers. Even if you marry for love, you marry a stranger. The idea that our most intimate friends may turn out to be our worst enemies has spawned some classic yarns. In Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion, shy, trusting Joan Fontaine finds reasons to worry that the devil-may-care gambler she married is a murderer. In Orson Welles's The Stranger, shy, trusting Loretta Young has to confront the possibility that her professorial husband is a fugitive Nazi war criminal. And, most famously, in the 1944 movie version of Patrick Hamilton's play Gas Light (aka Angel Street), Ingrid Bergman—also shy and trusting, if a tad high-strung—is psychologically manipulated by the charming but very bad man she took for better and for worse. Belleville is very much in the mode. Running now at Steppenwolf Theatre, Amy Herzog's 2011 drama gives us the passion of Abby and Zack, a twentysomething American couple renting an apartment in the funky-cool title neighborhood of Paris. She's a would-be actress currently teaching yoga; he's fresh out of med school, fluent in French, and working a dream job that Abby describes, with appropriate oral italics, as "doing research to prevent children from contracting AIDS." The elements all point to a fabulous adventure—two kids saving the world in the world's most superb city. But, of course, the elements lie. Continue reading >>

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