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Pyromania, muscle cars, pithy punch-out scenes, frantically writhing sex, and profligate use of the direct address "Dude!" are all key ingredients in this white-boy attitude piece, the debut film of writer-director-star Evan Glodell. He plays a laconic slacker who conspires with his best pal to build incendiary devices just for laughs, though these come in handy, both symbolically and literally, after he catches his new girlfriend in flagrante delicto with her male roommate. Glodell seems to be reaching for the nihilistic buddy romance of a movie like Mean Streets (1973), but without the serious intent; despite all the roiling emotions, this begins to feel like a pile-up of macho fetish items and stylistic affectations (with numerous shots in yellowish, soft-focus photography).



  • Evan Glodell


  • Evan Glodell
  • Tyler Dawson
  • Jessie Wiseman
  • Rebekah Brandes
  • Vincent Grashaw
  • Alexandra Boylan
  • Zack Kraus
  • Keghan Hurst


  • Brian Evans
  • Josh Kelling
  • Byron Yee

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