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You could go for a morning jog. And, yes, breakfast with your grandparents would be nice. But the South Loop has recently welcomed a fresh alternative to your Saturday morning: the weekly "After Afters" party, which starts at 7 AM. Since opening last fall, Riff Music Lounge has provided a much-needed boost of energy to a neighborhood long neglected by the Red-Bull-and-vodka set. And you'll need plenty of both (or something stronger) to survive marathon sets by house DJs including Dustin Sheridan, Bucky Fargo, and Peru. While the on-the-rise Sheridan is clearly the star of the group (check out his JAMcast series on Soundcloud), the real draw is the sheer absurdity of selecting an LED-lit environment over the light of day. The club is also wired for studio-quality sound, thanks to its affiliation with upstairs neighbor Pressure Point Studios, onetime recording space for Justin Timberlake and R. Kelly. But by 7 AM, who really gives a fuck?

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