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Best Dinner at Grandma's

Miss Lee's Good Food

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If you have expressed some interest in the lemon buttermilk pie, the matriarch in question at Miss Lee's Good Food might cut a piece in half and give it to you and your friend while the two of you wait for your meal. Don't worry about filling up; it's an inevitability, given the heaps and heaps of well-cooked, deeply flavored soul food that will eventually follow and that, in your eagerness, you'll eat in the front seat of the car—this is strictly carryout. Of particular note: spicy herbal chicken or catfish, baked chicken with dressing, bread pudding, cobbler, any manner of sides—most especially the famous yellow turnips, which taste like soul itself. One night last fall a special Thanksgiving catering menu was posted on the wall; this year I'm going to see about cancelling my plans. Sorry, Real Grandma.

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