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Best Dog Park for Nonjudgmental Dog Watching

Wicker Park

Critics' Picks

My girlfriend and I live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, a sad fact that actively works against our strong desire to adopt a dog. Luckily there's the dog run at Wicker Park, which is frequented by friendly canines and their equally friendly (and, more importantly, sympathetic) owners, who don't seem to mind the strange people in the corner goofing around with dogs that aren't theirs. We first encountered the place a couple years ago while spending an afternoon with some friends, another couple who had just adopted an energetic shepherd mix that went by the unfortunate name of Scooby. For the better part of an hour, the four of us played in the park with Scooby and the other dogs; my girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we began to tag along each time our friends took Scooby out. Our friends have since moved, but we still occasionally swing by the dog run and visit new friends we've made along the way. For dog lovers held down by the man, it's the perfect spot to kill an hour on a lazy afternoon.

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