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Best Exploitation, Cult, and Direct-to-Video Programmer

Katie Rife

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A long-standing member of the video-art collective Everything Is Terrible!, Katie Rife has great taste in garbage cinema. Last year she programmed the short-lived Wednesday Rewind, a weekly showcase of long-forgotten B and Z movies at the Logan Theatre that drew the kind of rowdy crowds the venue hosted in its grimy heyday. Currently Rife curates the Drop Box, a spiritual successor to Wednesday Rewind at Emporium Arcade Bar, where the sights and sounds of 70s and 80s video schlock perfectly complement the rattle and hum of vintage video games. She also collaborates with Logan Square International Film Series and the record store Saki on the "Once in a Lifetime" series at Comfort Station, a movie night/comedy show that makes mincemeat of various dramas on the Lifetime Network.

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