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Best "Found Sound" Music

The sailboat rigging at Belmont Harbor in a high wind

Critics' Picks

On a gusty summer day, you should stop on the lakefront path at Belmont Harbor, just north of the three flagpoles, and listen to the cables and fittings of the sailboats' rigging slapping against their hollow steel masts in a percussive chorus. It sounds a little like the iron Gnawa castanets called qarkabeb in a Moroccan wedding procession, a little like the bright simmering of a Balinese bamboo gamelan or jegog, and a little like a battery of terra cotta wind chimes. The hectic mesh of overlapping rhythms is oddly soothing—your ears can't settle on a single tempo, with metallic clinking and clanking at different speeds coming from near and far, and your attention ends up suspended among them in a kind of trance. Steve Reich would approve.

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