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Best Gonzo Drum Kit

Joe Schaeffer of Bones

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Joe Schaeffer's tortuously complicated drum kit looks like something you'd find in a medieval dungeon. It's got five rack toms and a floor tom, ten cymbals (including four splashes), a hi-hat, a snare, and a battery of four Octobans—the only act of restraint in its construction appears to have been the employment of a single kick drum with a double pedal, not two drums with a pedal apiece. And so you'll know you're not in for an evening of fussy prog rock, he's draped an ammunition belt over the hardware and emblazoned the black resonator head of the kick with his stage name: "Warlord," wreathed in lightning and floating above a lake of fire. As I wrote on the occasion of Bones' debut full-length in 2011, they play "frenzied, ragged death metal dripping with the filth and swagger of punk"—just what you'd want from a band whose drummer cofounded Usurper in 1993.

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