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Best local reunion show

Cap'n Jazz at Wicker Park Fest

Having actually seen a Cap'n Jazz show used to be a valuable badge of underground-rock cred. The group broke up in 1995 before they ever put out a full-length album, and most of the devoted cult of fans that's grown around the group came about largely through the posthumous 1998 collection Analphabetapolothology. So on one level it was entertaining enough that their whirlwind reunion mini tour last year included a performance at the frighteningly crowded Wicker Park Fest, which filled a stretch of Milwaukee almost shoulder-to-shoulder; it very well could be that the number of people within earshot of the stage during their set was greater than the total number of people who'd seen all their 90s shows put together. The performance was so unbelievably good that it would have been enjoyable even under more uncomfortable circumstances, whatever those might be. —Miles Raymer

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