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Best Place to Buy an Erlenmeyer Flask

American Science & Surplus

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The science class megamall in Jefferson Park offers nerds the tools needed to build homemade labs and never again see the light of day. Syringes, petri dishes, microscope slides—all available a la carte. Or if you want to get real zany and out there, buy some beakers and repurpose them into glassware (I did this once and did, in fact, consider it pretty "zany"). The "Surplus" part of the store's name is a reference to its junk cart of odds and ends, like remote-control parts, magnetic encoders, and vac gear motors. With an inventory that walks the line between practical and kitschy—you can purchase a lab coat as well as green booger slime and a book on skydiving—it's fun for your nephew or daughter, sure, but even better for adult children.

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