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Best Place to Sup Like Henry VIII

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Benny’s Chop House on a wednesday evening

444 N. Wabash

At Henry VIII’s court feasts, guests ate hundreds of oysters before dinner. But re-creating his preprandial oyster orgies could get expensive—unless you go to Benny’s Chop House. On Wednesdays between 5 and 7 PM, the bar at Benny’s lays out platters of beautifully shucked bivalves at 25 cents a pop, usually from the east and west coasts (key, as the BP oil spill is all but guaranteed to make gulf oysters scarce). In case you haven’t done the math yet, eating 100 will set you back just $25. On a recent visit we enjoyed dozens of Chef’s Creek oysters from British Columbia, meaty but not uncomfortably big and shucked to retain a little liquor in the base of the shallow shell. Best assume your throne before 5 PM or you’ll be standing for the duration; this weekly event is getting as crowded as a Henrician auto-da-fe.

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