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Best place to watch cricket

Washington Park

5300 S. King Dr.

For players, a cricket match is an endurance test—matches usually take seven or eight hours. And during that time "it's all about cricket," says Mohammed Iftikhar, vice president of the Midwest Cricket Conference. (MCC rule 7.1: "No one shall carry cell phones in to the field of play.") Teams in the MCC and the American Cricket Conference play matches on four cricket grounds in Washington Park every Saturday and Sunday, May through September, from 10 AM until about 6 PM. The MCC, the larger of the two conferences, was established in 1965. It has 47 teams, 25 for whom Washington Park is home field; other teams come from the suburbs and from Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri. Most of the players are of Pakistani or Indian descent, Iftikhar says. Spectators are welcome. The grounds are west of King Drive; just look for the men dressed in white. —Steve Bogira

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