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Best Scene Documentarian Who Must Never Sleep

Sei Jin Lee

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There have to be at least two Sei Jin Lees. Or he's got a teleporter. It's mind-blowing to me that Lee can get to so many shows per night—sometimes four or more—and capture them all on video. Lee has been uploading clips to his YouTube account since 2007, and his punctuality is as admirable as his tirelessness: I've often gotten home from playing a show to find my band's set, along with every other set of the night, already online for your viewing pleasure. I think his most impressive recent stunt has been the one-two of documenting sets by the likes My Bloody Valentine and Shellac at Barcelona's Primavera Sound festival, which ended May 26, and then making it home in time to post a video of Cannibal Corpse's May 28 show at Bottom Lounge. It's a shame that Lee's videos aren't racking up thousands of views—they often languish in the 20s or 30s—but maybe one day soon, music lovers will discover his humongous archive.

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