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Best soundtracked strawberry shake

M Burger

5 W. Ontario and 161 E. Huron
312-428-3548, 312-254-8500

On my first visit to M Burger, I was greeted at the door by Robyn on the speakers and an enthusiastic cashier. As I browsed the menu, he quickly made me as a first-timer and casually advised me by saying, "Girl, definitely go for a strawberry shake. Trust." So I did. As the playlist shuffled from Kanye to Jamie Lidell, the cashier handed me my order and flashed me a knowing smile. Turns out he wasn't kidding: made with fresh berries and mixed to a perfect thickness, the shake was the star of the meal. I thanked him for his advice and was sent on my way out the door with the words, "See you soon." The staff—fantastically upbeat without being fakey—and background jams make it impossible to not have a good time when you stop by M Burger. Last week I even caught a grandma in line casually two-stepping and throwing in a little shoulder action to a Timbaland track. If that isn't a day maker, I don't know what is. Trust. —Jessica Cohn

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