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Daniel Fabry at Asha SalonSpa

1135 N. State

Daniel Fabry is a teeny bit Stefon from Saturday Night Live and a touch of Project Runway’s Austin Scarlet, set to a soundtrack of Lady Gaga and Fleetwood Mac. Fabry has other admirable qualities, too; he’ll take you from a mousy mop to a beachy bombshell in a snap. He’s also the kind of stylist who actually remembers what you gabbed about two months ago and instantly resumes the conversation where you left off. I moved to Chicago from LA, and I consider Fabry to be a little slice of my old Hollywood party days. He’s quick to engage and entertain, balancing semiscandalous stories of his weekend with charming tales of his suburban family. And when I leave the salon, I look like a hybrid of Sienna Miller and an Olsen twin. Fabry gets it right every time—so much so that one of these days I swear I’m going to get around to friend-requesting him on Facebook. —Dean Fisher

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